.:Events/Venues/Clubs I have played at :.

Backbird Tavern, Temecula, CA

Tilted Kilt – Temecula, CA

House Bar & Grill – Temecula, CA

Club inside Pala Casino, Pala, CA

Rave: Headstrong 5 ft. Omar Santana, Ron D. Core

Club Iron Wok – Thursday Night Electro/House/Top40 Residency (2008-2009)

Club Tap Daddy’s (Friday Residency 2005-2007) – San Jacinto, CA

Club Eagles Nest (Pechanga Casino) – Temecula, CA

Da Blvd – San Marcos, CA

Club Tropics with Sonora Dinamita – San Marcos, CA

Acapulcos Night Club – San Marcos, CA

Margarita Rocks – Oceanside, CA

Nemens – Oceanside, CA

Rumba Room – Studio City, CA

Incahoots Night Club – Riverside, CA

The Palace – San Bernardino, CA

Carlos O’Briens – San Bernardino, CA

Tortilla Flats – San Luis Obispo, CA

The Grad – San Luis Obispo, CA

Florentine Gardens – Hollywood, CA

Spring Break with MTV – San Felipe, MX

Spring Break with MTV – Cancun, MX

Club Pirata – Jalos, MX

Club Chilangos – Villa Morelos, MX

Various Private Parties from the Bay Area to Southern California.


Producing for over 15 years digitally since the Adlib and .MOD/.S3M file days, DJ C-Zer has continued to grow throughout the years. Although in those days Future Crew was the widely known crew of it’s time throughout the world for producing electronic music, C-Zer kept up with his skills. Instrumentally, he played any percussion instrument he could get his hands on, but his love for digital sounds did not leave his mind. The low bit midi sounds of the Commodore 64 grew C-Zer’s interest in the digital world at age 6 (1983). Eventually, C-Zer grew on towards the PC world where he was introduced to the early 8 bit sound card, the Sound Blaster. He began producing sampled beats using a widely known program called “Scream Tracker”. His break dancing friends could not get enough of what he had coming next.Graduating from high school was a great lost of communication with friends, but not an end to C-Zer’s career in music. He went off to school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA to study Computer Engineering. There he met a DJ by the name of Rick from LA aka “DJ Rick Rock”. C-Zer knew he had the latest and greatest software out there for making or remixing tracks and Rick was all over C-Zer to work with this software. So together they teamed up and C-Zer became a part of Groove Productions. Rick is a club DJ and C-Zer use to run the lights at the club for Rick. C-Zer practice as much as he could on a set of 1200s. That year (1996) Cesar became DJ C-Zer. Long story short, the site known to be was a well known site, but it shortly died due to some issues not to be discussed here. Now the site is owned by some other folks.

That year, C-Zer was teaching himself how to web design and he got a job at popular magazine company called Party Time Magazine. Party Time Mag was well known for taking pictures at clubs in the Southern California area. This was the era when House music was hitting the mainstream market.

One Night after coming back from a college gig with Rick Rock, C-Zer got their storage broken into and a lot of his vinyl was stolen. This took a toll in C-Zer’s collection. “I was out on a hunt for a product that would bring that collection back. A vinyl recorder was too expensive ($10k+) at the time and CD DJing just wasn’t me, so a few years later, Stanton came out with the solution – Final Scratch. Final Scratch was definitely the answer, but the sound of scratching still sounded too digital.”

A few years later Rane came out with Serato Scratch Live. A buddy by the name of DJ Frank Fresh (San Diego) was also on Final Scratch and he debated whether to buy Serato or not. California Sound and Lighting (CSL) in San Diego was the only place carrying the product at the time. C-Zer took the risk and bought the product. Since day one, the product has been flawless and the best solution next to his 1200s. Some call C-Zer the Pioneer of Serato. He wrote a lot of support on the Serato forums and a few months later he got a private message on the forums from a DJ named Kid Jay. Being a small world, Kid Jay is a local DJ at the number one station in the Inland Empire (Riverside, CA and surrounding areas) for Hip-Hop, Top 40s and Classic Old School – 99.1 KGGI. Kid Jay has been C-Zer’s mentor since he invited C-Zer to the station. Some know Kid Jay as the L.A. Laker’s DJ. “Thanks Kid Jay for your support and realism in the industry. You have been a down to earth humble radio DJ since I’ve known you.”

C-Zer has worked for a popular radio station named Party Radio USA ( since 2003. Party Radio USA has been C-Zer’s foot in the door to meeting World Class mix DJs.

So now, DJ C-Zer is known as a Producer, Dee Jay, Remixer, and the Program Director of Super Radio Mix – The World’s Official Mix Station. He has started a radio station with a local DJ buddy Da Chef called

C-Zer continues to DJ Clubs or Private Parties around Southern California.