DJ C-Zer’s DJ Academy [Waiting List]

DJ C-Zer will be holding classes for young adults to adult level teaching
the ART of DJing. Most importantly how to beat match music so that
the crowd that you will be playing for will not stop dancing to your
energy. This basic course will cover the following topics:

1) Understanding the Tempo of a song (BPMs)
2) What equipment to use and where to shop if you’re on a budget
3) Understanding the Art of Beat Matching.
4) Record (Vinyl) vs. CDs
5) What to expect and how qualify the crowd you will be eventually playing for
to generate anywhere between $50-$100+ an hour.

I’m thinking I will be hosting this course live through a Webcast and those that register
will be given access to this course. Get on the waiting list below to receive the date the
course will begin and to receive my latest mix on (check out). I promise the course will
be inexpensive.

DJ C-Zer at the Club