Vintana, Escondido, CA
Vintana, Escondido, CA

I had an amazing time Djing at Vintana in Escondido, CA. Above the Lexus Dealership. A key note to make about Vintana is that it attracts a clean cut crowd. Which is what I believe is the intention of the venue. Folks from upper scaled areas such as Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla can be found there enjoying a delicious plate of Calamari with a nice drink. I’m a big fan of their food and venue. By far one of my favorite spots to be a resident DJ if the opportunity became available.

Interesting hours to note. It’s from 6-10pm as the venue doesn’t want to classify itself as a club. Therefore my selection of music was on point when reading the crowd. Definitely 80s, 90s, Latin, Dance to the newest top 40.

Thanks Francesco for having me out. I understood it was a slower night then usual because it being the day after New Years, but that didn’t stop me from rocking the party as I brought some of my own guests out.

Welcome to 2016.

DJ C-Zer