Amazing Holiday Parties!


DJ C-Zer Line Dance

We got them doing line dancing!

Hello my friends! I just finished DJing two corporate Christmas / Holiday parties. One was for Leica Biosystems in Vista. And the other was at Oak Mount Winery in Temecula, CA. What a blast to see the beautiful holiday colors and playing Christmas music for folks. As you can see from the pictures below, I brought my own Christmas lights to decorate my table!

It was great to see the ladies get into it and do the line dancing. One key thing to keep the party going when looking for a DJ, is to ask if they keep the music mixing together or do they fade and move on to the next. I’ve noticed from observing multiple parties that if the DJ just fades the music, people stop dancing. I’m all about keep it going and in awesome synergy.

Completely different crowds and both parties were a success! May you all have love, prosperity and the light of God to keep you in success…

Christmas DJ table